Linked to graft, ex-Argentine government official kills self

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) A former Argentine government official has killed himself after being accused of taking bribes in testimony during a U.S. trial looking into corruption in world soccer.

Jorge Delhon, a lawyer who worked in the administration of former Argentina President Cristina Fernandez, killed himself on Tuesday by jumping in front of a train in Buenos Aires.

A ministry official in Buenos Aires province confirmed the death, but could not be identified because of not being authorized to speak on the subject.

In the trial in New York, sports marketing executive Alejandor Burzaco told a judge on Tuesday he had paid millions in bribes to Delhon and Pablo Paladino in exchange for broadcasting rights to soccer matches.

Paladino worked for a government-run TV show that broadcasts matches, Futbol para Todos (Football for All).